The history behind Bath Marketing Consultancy

Why on earth would anyone leave a good job at a reputable marketing agency to go solo? What sort of a person with 2 children under 3, a company car, a good salary and bonus decide to break away from corporate security? Yes I know, madness especially as the year was 2009 and the UK economy was in tatters and in a huge recession. 

Well, I had an itch; a desire if you like to see if all my years in the marketing industry in London, the Channel Islands and the South West could be used to build something different; to build something specific to support owner managed business with their marketing. I wanted to make an agency where advice and deliverables went hand in hand and where decisions weren't based on the potential return but on the added value and help this agency could bring. 

Every business owner is a frustrated designer at heart or thinks that they don't need marketing help, but in all honesty they are not and they do. So where do these people go? Where do these people who are amazing at what they do go to help them get their message out?

At the time, the choice was either a large, traditional "agency" where they'd get priced out and then lost or a one-man band where they'd likely need to lead requirements and then not have access to all the resources and skills they'd need for effective marketing.

Surely there was an agency that sat in the middle of these two options. Well, no there wasn't, but there is now and has been since 2009.

Bath Marketing Consultancy is a team of 7 highly skilled and experienced professionals with a network of a lot more who offer outstanding marketing solutions and services to owner/managed businesses who simply do not have the time or knowledge to run all their own marketing.

With clients in Bath, Bristol, Devon, Cornwall, Wales, the US, London, Dubai and Spain we are a marketing agency that not only work with you, we actually advise you impartially about what marketing you need and then deliver what you need quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Bath Marketing Consultancy is a one-stop shop with all the marketing and design skills and experience under a single roof, but without the fuss or the bills.

Paul Tagent
Bath Marketing Consultancy 

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Website Design and Marketing in Bath and Bristol
“Fantastic service from Paul and the team. Designed our new website, guided us through using it in layman's terms and have been on hand to help us with GDPR when the world and his wife want the same thing...thanks guys! Much appreciated.”