Welcome to Bath Marketing Consultancy

Bath Marketing Consultancy is a multi-award winning, approachable, professional and full service marketing company based in the West Country. We not only offer advice on how to get the best from your marketing activity. We can also deliver the initiatives that this advice identifies. In addition, we operate a 'pay-as-you-go' pricing system allowing clients to work with us as much or as little as they want or need.

We have one core "type" of client - an organisation that doesn't have a full internal marketing function, but who really needs help or advice with how their business, their brand, their products and/or their services are marketed.

We work with our clients; either helping them to become better at the areas of marketing that they may not be able to do themselves or taking the whole marketing process off their desks onto ours and then planning and delivering what marketing is needed efficiently, effectively and at the best costs.

Latest Projects

Bath Marketing Consultancy is a different marketing organisation. We add value to the marketing processes of our clients rather than simply doing as we are asked. Below is a sample of our latest marketing work covering Marketing Consultancy, Website Design and Advertising.


A pop-up restaurant in Southgate in Bath serving the finest and best locally sourced sausages & mash in town.

Whyatt Pakeman

Whyatt Pakeman are an old established accountancy firm based in a converted chapel in Clifton Bristol

The Preschute School

Preshute Primary is a popular village school in the village of Manton, which is ranked among Wiltshire’s top 10 best performing primary schools.

Kingsdown Golf Club

Kingsdown Golf Club in Corsham is a friendly & flexible members club offering a great course that can be played all year round.